1. Each applicant (”Member”), by signing and submitting this application form, or by using the membership card agrees to be bound by these HealthpointPLUS membership terms and conditions. HealthpointPLUS is hosted by the Loyalty Group Pty Ltd (CAN 074 986 646), operators of the Lucky Buys Reward program. Visit www.luckybuys.com.au for Lucky Buys full terms and conditions.

2. HealthpointPLUS is a point based reward program, members earn points by purchasing goods from participating Healthpoint stores in Mackay City Centre, South Mackay, North Mackay, Northern Beaches and Walkerston.

3. HealthpointPLUS Members acknowledge that under the program:

a) Reward points eligible for redemption can only be redeemed from the relevant venue where those points were collected or issued.

b) Vouchers are not transferable for cash.

c) Healthpoint Chemist Group takes no responsibility for any lost or stolen vouchers.

d) Employees of Healthpoint are not permitted to hold a HealthpointPLUS Reward Card or participate in the program.

4. HealthpointPLUS Members must always present their card before making any transaction and any points collected will not be validated for a further 24 hours. Reward points are not transferable and any redemption of points will not be available until after the 24 hour validation period.

5. Information relating to the member will be dealt with in accordance with Healthpoint Chemist Group Privacy Policy and Disclaimer in order to respect the member’s right to privacy protection. The Healthpoint Chemist Group Privacy Policy and Disclaimer can be viewed online at www.healthpoint.com.au. A copy will be provided on request or by contacting (07) 4963 0300 or by email admin2@healthpoint.com.au

6. Healthpoint Chemist Group will not be liable in any way for any failure of equipment or delay in crediting points relating to any particular transaction to the HealthpointPLUS Member.

7. No conditions or warranties except those implied and which cannot be excluded by law are given by Healthpoint Chemist Group in respect of the award of points and any goods or services supplied upon redemption of points. Where it is lawful and practical to do so, the liability of the relevant venue for breach of a condition or warranty shall be limited to the re-supply of HealthpointPLUS points

8.  By law PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) medications are not discounted, customers do not earn rewards points for PBS medications purchase, but will go in the draw for major Lucky Buys prizes.