We recognise that our customers are key to our pharmacy’s success. We strive to continue to improve our customer service and ensure customers experience friendly service and professional care at every pharmacy visit within our group.

Informing customers of pharmacy services
Our Customer Service Statement will be displayed at the pharmacy entrance and includes our pharmacy name, contact details, opening hours, alternative/afterhours services and the professional services we offer.

Some services that are available within the Healthpoint Chemist Group include:
• Medication Advice
• Prescriptions
• Dose Administration Aids
• MedsChecks
• Asthma Aids
• Home Medicine Reviews
• Webster packing
• DVA Services
• Diabetes Australia Agency
• Make up Artistry
• HealthpointPLUS Loyalty Program
• The use of the “Information Kiosk” which can be used to obtain health information
• Weight loss program designed for adults to shed some extra weight
• Blood Pressure Monitoring
• Digital Photo Processing
• Immunisations

Staff should be aware of our services, especially professional services that may support customers’ health. Recommend professional services where appropriate.

If a service is not offered within the Healthpoint Day & Night Chemist but is available at one of the other Healthpoint Chemist stores, the customer would be referred to the other store that provides the service. If there is a service that is constantly being requested, a description of the service would be put in writing and given to the Human Resource Department for evaluation.

Caring for customers in the pharmacy

Our pharmacy is committed to providing quality services to our community. We display the Community Pharmacy Service Charter at the rear of our pharmacies. Staff should be aware of the charter and its seven rights of access, safety, respect, participation, communication, privacy and right to make comment.

Every customer that enters Healthpoint Chemist will be acknowledged within 30 seconds of entering the store. If all staff members are currently serving other customers and are unable to immediately serve the customer, the customer needs to be at least acknowledged, and as soon as one staff member becomes available, the customer needs to be attended to. Every customer is to be treated equally, and with the utmost respect. All staff members are to maintain the confidentiality of all customers.

Whenever possible, all customers should be given an estimated waiting time. This should sound along the lines of “There are few prescriptions currently in line at the moment, so your prescription might take an approximate ten minutes”.

All customers with new prescriptions or changes to prescriptions will be counselled and where appropriate be conducted by a pharmacist. Otherwise, non-pharmacist staff who are adequately trained will counsel where possible. Whenever counselling is required, it is conducted in a private area, where other staff members or customers cannot over hear.

The pharmacist will be available to answer questions if required. Customers can access the pharmacist directly, or by referral by a pharmacy assistant.

Assisting customers to get the most out of a pharmacy visit

Trained staff will be available to assist customers to select the right product(s). Appropriate questioning to ensure the right advice/product for the right health condition and the right person is essential. We use the Ask, Assess, Advise < WHAT STOP GO protocol. > Questions should be asked in a non-threatening manner (as if engaging in conversation).

We will respond to customer requests to seek advice from the pharmacist as soon as possible. Where immediate access to the pharmacist is not possible, customers will be informed of the potential wait time. The pharmacist should acknowledge the waiting customer if possible.

When customers enter the pharmacy with a complaint, customers should be aware that any questions that are asked are to enable the staff members to receive as much information as possible about the patient’s condition, to ensure that the patient receives the best possible advice and treatment, not to pry into the patients’ condition.

Some of our pharmacy’s non-prescription products are kept behind the counter out of reach of customers, as required by legal and Quality Care Pharmacy Program requirements.

Improving our service

Customers have the right to make comment on our services. At regular intervals i.e. every 12 months, a customer survey will be conducted to enable customers to give feedback as to what their opinions are regarding particular aspects of their pharmacy services/experience. The results are then evaluated and acted on accordingly to improve our service.

Suggestions and complaints that a customer may have, can be spoken directly to the pharmacist in charge, or given in writing to Human Resources Department at Healthpoint Chemist group.

Any complaints that customers may have can be made directly to the pharmacist manager on duty. When the complaint cannot be resolved within the store, the manager would then contact the Human Resource Manager at Healthpoint Day and Night Chemist. Records of compliments and complaints will be used to improve customer service.

Business cards are made available should the customer need to contact the pharmacist or staff member for further advice.

Healthpoint Home Delivery Policy

Where we deliver

We deliver to the Mackay Region, reaching Eimeo, Ooralea and Walkerston.

We require a street address and contact phone number for delivery – unfortunately we cannot deliver to a P.O. Box.

The locations we can deliver to may change from time-to-time. Please call our friendly staff to find out if we deliver to your location.

How and when we deliver

All deliveries are made Monday to Tuesday 9:00am–2:00pm and Wednesday to Friday 9:00am–4:00pm.

We require 24 hours’ notice or orders to be placed before 9am on the day of delivery. For orders placed after 9.00am, delivery will be the following day. For urgent deliveries please contact our friendly staff.

Script Collection – When your script is not kept on file at Healthpoint Day & Night, we are happy to collect your script. If you are unable to be home at the time of collection (script collection) please arrange for your script to be collected from a secure location.

Please note that these delivery times are estimates only, and actual delivery times may vary. Large items (such as mobility aids) require extra handling and may take longer to transport.

Payment can be made by cash, eftpos or account.

Please note that the goods are to be delivered to you personally unless you agree to other arrangements.

We are not responsible for any late delivery or failure to deliver due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Please ensure that your requested delivery location is easily accessible, advise us if there are dogs on the premise.

Cost of delivery

Delivery fee $2.50

Acceptance of delivery

Deliveries must be signed for, and anyone at the delivery address who receives the products shall be presumed by Healthpoint to be authorised to receive the products.

Please note that risk for loss or damaged product passes to the customer upon delivery.

Delivery Problems

If your delivery has not arrived, please contact our friendly staff.

This policy sets out details of delivery. If you require clarification or have any questions please contact our friendly staff on 07 4963 0300 (8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).